April 07, 2023

California Sidewalk Slip and Falls

sidewalk slip and fall

At Manzoor Law Firm, Inc, we’ve seen many slip and fall injuries on sidewalks over the years. As the most trusted Roseville personal injury attorney, we fully understand California law and how it affects you. Here’s what you need to know about these issues and how they might impact your life.

Common Causes

Your Roseville slip and fall attorney has likely seen a lot of cases involving sidewalks. Just a few issues that may increase your risk of falling include:

  • Wet Sidewalks: While ice and snow are rare in California, a rainy day may lead to slick sidewalks that cause a slip and fall. When it does get cold and snow, ice will make this situation even worse.
  • Damaged Sidewalks: Trying to hop around damaged sidewalks is likely to cause a slip and fall risk. You might even fall if the sidewalk is so damaged that it trips you up as you walk.
  • Uneven Surfaces and Debris: Poorly settled sidewalks may cause a higher risk of tripping, as well as various debris on the surface, such as construction materials and more.

These triggers are some of the most common causes of a trip and fall on a sidewalk. Thankfully, many people walk away from these incidents with little or no injury. But, unfortunately, others are not so lucky.

Common Injuries

You’re likely to experience a broad range of injuries when tripping and falling. For instance, you might get scuffed or cut on the hands catching yourself, which is relatively minor. You might also experience a sprained or strained ankle, bruises, or minor bleeding and cuts after falling.

However, other people experience traumatic injuries, such as head injuries, that may threaten their lives. Paralysis is possible with a trip and fall, though rare. Others may break bones or even get infected and lose limbs if the infection is not immediately appropriately treated. Thankfully, a Roseville personal injury attorney can help you with this process.


After a slip and fall injury on a sidewalk, you may be liable for many compensation types by working with the best personal injury attorney Roseville has to offer. Just a few compensation options include:

  • Medical costs triggered by your injury
  • Any lost work time while you recovered
  • Emotional suffering caused by the accident
  • General damages caused by the injuries

Who is Liable?

In slip and fall accidents on sidewalks, California law dictates that the property owner or managers are liable for your injuries if they were negligent in maintaining the sidewalk. For example, if they didn’t remove ice or water and you slipped and fell, you may be able to sue them. A Roseville slip and fall attorney can help you prove liability and get compensation.

How an Attorney Can Help 

You deserve compensation if someone caused you to slip and fall on a sidewalk. Thankfully, an attorney in Roseville can ensure you get compensation and can:

  • Prepare Your Case: A skilled attorney will gather all information about your case, including photos and eyewitness testimony, to ensure you are adequately prepared.
  • Argue Your Side: During your lawsuit, your attorney will present evidence to showcase your injuries and the faults of others. Their goal is to prove liability and get you compensation.
  • Comfort You: A successful attorney understands his clients’ emotions. As a result, they’ll comfort you after your injuries and ensure you’re ready for a trial.

Don’t try to tackle this kind of personal injury case alone. Instead, work with a professional who fully understands your needs and is ready to fight for you.

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