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According to California family law, domestic partnership California is a formal legal agreement between two individuals “to share one another’s lives in an intimate and committed relationship of mutual caring.” A domestic partnership creates many, but not all, of the same benefits as a formal marriage.

What Are the Benefits of California Domestic Partnership?

Domestic partnership members can inherit property from the other partner, act as the executor of a will, or the administrator of an intestate estate, or be the settlor or beneficiary of a trust. The rights of a domestic partner are very similar to those of a spouse in a marriage.

Domestic partners can also make health care decisions or become guardians or conservators for an incompetent domestic partner.

Many tax benefits from the Estate and Inheritance tax codes, such as a stepped-up basis in inherited property, are unavailable to domestic partners. You should seek advice from an experienced Sacramento family law attorney to understand further the benefits and limitations of a domestic partnership.

What Are the Criteria for Creating a  Domestic Partnership in California?

A California Declaration of Domestic Partnership agreement is a legal document filed with the California Secretary of State. To file an agreement, all of the following must be true:

  • The two members of the domestic partnership must be over 18;
  • They cannot be blood relatives;
  • If under 62 years old, they must be members of the same sex. If over age 62, members of the opposite sex can enter into a domestic partnership agreement;
  • Both parties must currently be single; they cannot be married or in domestic partnership agreements with other people;
  • Both parties must share the same residence;
  • Both parties must agree to be responsible for the other’s basic living expenses.

Do You Want To Establish a Domestic Relationship?

The Manzoor Law Firm has extensive experience drafting California domestic partnership agreements and advising clients considering a domestic partnership arrangement. Before entering into a domestic partnership arrangement, both parties should seek advice from competent, compassionate legal professionals who can explain an agreement’s technical requirements and the legal ramifications. The Manzoor Law Firm is ready and willing to help you with your needs. Call today to set up a consultation.




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