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At the Manzoor Law Firm, we provide custom-made services in various areas of personal injury law.

We provide experienced personal injury representation for a variety of personal injury cases. Here are a few but not limited to:

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Learn more about Punitive Damages and Recoverable Losses in a California Personal Injury Claim.

Success Stories

A young client injuries his head using a post pounder. Manzoor Law Firm, Inc filed a product liabilities claim against the manufacture and the case settlement for $675,000.
A elderly person had a slip and fall in her rental property, and sustained minor injuries. Manzoor Law Firm, Inc filed a negligence and Premise Liability case against the landlord and the case settled for $250,000.
A person involved in a minor collision and sustained injuries to his right shoulder. Manzoor Law Firm, Inc filed a case for negligence and the case settled for $100,000.
A man slipped and fall at a supermarket. Manzoor Law Firm, Inc filed a negligence and Premise Liability case against the business owner and the case settlement for $225,000.
A person slipped and fall while visiting his sister at he apartment complex. He sustained minor injuries and the Manzoor Law Firm, Inc filed a negligence and Premise Liability against the property owner. The case settlement for $65,000


We are so grateful for the service that we have received from Shahid Manzoor and his team in our slip and fall injury experience. My dad had slipped on water at a grocery store and injured his back, but we were hesitant in seeking an attorney because my dad has hearing loss, does not speak English and I’ve never worked with anything law-related before. Because of this, we felt it was just unfortunate that my dad slipped at the store and now needs assistant. However, when we consulted with Manzoor, he helped us understood the law and the negligence of the store. As we worked with Manzoor and his team, we saw that they were not only concerned about the case but my dad’s health condition as well. Throughout our case, they’ve demonstrated professionalism and respect towards us. During times of stress and doubts, Manzoor re-assured us not to worry. They were patient at repeating themselves and responsive to all our questions and made it clear that they understood our concerns. Because this was our first time, we were very unfamiliar with the process but Manzoor and his team walked us through each process and ensured that we understood what to expect. They did everything they could’ve to ensure my dad receive justice. During our mediation, Manzoor was prepared, professional, and great at negotiation. Once again, we are so thankful for their great service and making sure my dad is taken care of. Overall, it was a reassuring experience. I would definitely contact Manzoor law firm again if ever needed, and I highly recommend the Manzoor law firm.

Birney Clark

Mr Manzoor runs a tight ship as he always has his clients first at hand looking out for there best interest. He truely understands the law and him and his team of professional’s are on top of things fighting for you . I know first hand Thank You Mr. Manzoor

Cheryl M.

Recommends Extremely hard working attorney
I had the chosen one of the best attorneys that a person could ask for. Mr. Manzoor was right by my side all the way through the toughest time of my life. He fought hard for me against the Insurance company. I was at one of the worst times of my life having taken a terrible fall at a place of business. Going through humiliation of the Insurance company deliberate acts of making me feel like I was the one to blame. Mr. Manzoor and his team got me my dignity back. I will be forever grateful for all the dedication that was done on my behalf.

Great Lawyer
Stephen was a wonderful lawyer. The settlement took longer than I expected and he was very patient with me. I would go back to Stephen again, but I am hoping that I never need to.


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