June 11, 2021

5 Tips to Prevent Deportation


5 Tips to Prevent Deportation

Living under the risk of deportation for you or a loved one can take a toll on the entire family, but there are always steps that you can take to avoid these official proceedings, and seeing a Sacramento immigration lawyer is the most important of those beginning steps.

Facing the full force of the United States government can be very intimidating. Indeed, it is designed to be intimidating. Having a seasoned Sacramento County immigration attorney in your corner provides the legal support you need to prevent deportation proceedings from moving forward.
When it comes to legal maneuvering it is always better to be proactive, so an immigration attorney in Sacramento would recommend the following five tips to prevent deportation proceedings.

5 Tips to Prevent Deportation

Owing to the confusing nature of deportation proceedings in general, a Sacramento Green Card attorney can offer up a number of tips designed to prevent deportation. Deportation is the formal removal of a foreign national who may have run afoul of the nation’s immigration laws. Let’s look at some tips you can use to prevent deportation proceedings. Generally speaking, the most common reasons for people facing a removal order include:

Illegal Entry
Entered on visa but stayed past expiration
Lawful permanent resident who violated conditions

Apply for Naturalization
For those who hold a valid green card but whose status is being questioned about potential violations of their condition of permanent residency, applying for naturalization might stave off immediate removal. The petitioner would need to mount a strong defense against removal.

Challenge Criminal Convictions
As mentioned, an immigrant’s resident status is often imperiled when the person enters the criminal justice system. Conviction of a crime is a cause for deportation, and therefore it makes no sense to plead guilty to any crime before speaking with a Sacramento green card attorney.

Apply for Change of Status
For non-green holding Sacramento residents who may have entered without proper documentation, it may still be possible to stave off deportation proceedings in the event that your status has changed since your earlier entry. Examples include marrying an American citizen, or having a child with an American citizen as valid adjustments of status.

Defeat Grounds for Removal
Any valid green card holder facing deportation proceedings is entitled to due process in the form of an immigration hearing. Enlisting the aid of Sacramento immigration lawyers can help you defend the basis under which the removal has been initiated. Often times this involves fighting charges that don’t trigger removal procedures.

Seek Cancellation of Removal
Even in the worst case scenario, a removal order can possibly be cancelled with the assistance of a Sacramento immigration attorney. Cancellation may be granted if you can prove that you lived in the country for at least a decade. Likewise, showing that you have displayed strong moral character during your time in the United States can be weighed against the fact that you do not possess a green card. Finally, by proving that a child, parent, or spouse would suffer unduly from such a removal could serve as the basis for canceling a removal order.

Call the Sacramento Immigration Expert

For Sacramento residents facing the potential for deportation, contacting Attorney Manzoor Law Firm offers a team of Sacramento immigration lawyers dedicated to ensuring that you receive a fair hearing should you be targeted by the Immigration & Naturalization Services for removal.

Our team is skilled in mounting a proactive defense for you or a loved one. It may seem as though you are all alone in a bureaucratic nightmare, but with our team at your side, Attorney Manzoor Law Firm will make sure you receive the best legal representation possible.