Roseville Accident Attorneys


Personal injuries stemming from transportation-related accidents are never expected and always have life-changing lengthy interruptions. But, whether it’s a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or other transportation-related accident – we are happy to help you and your family manage the legal implications and work with insurance companies to see that you’re fairly compensated for your injuries.

A Roseville personal injury lawyer can help make the process of claiming your rights easier so that you can focus on healing. In addition, a Roseville personal injury attorney can help you and your family manage your recovery in a less stressful way. 

We have extensive experience with the following types of auto and transportation accidents.

Car Accidents

Car accidents happen because of a driver’s negligence, bad road conditions, or another person. 

Truck Accidents

Commercial truck drivers are specially trained to handle more than two-axle vehicles in all weather conditions and are held to high safety standards while operating behind the wheel. Larger commercial vehicles are prone to causing more injury than regular vehicles.

Motorcycle Accidents

For many, nothing brings more pleasure than being on the open road on beautiful California roadways. Most motorcycle accidents involve a collision with another vehicle, causing severe injury or even death. 

Boating Accidents

Boating accidents can happen when a craft unknowingly enters the boating zone while under the influence, boaters get too close to other boats to get better views or photographs, or the boat operator isn’t paying attention to navigation signs.

Bus Accidents

Bus accidents occur most often when a bus turns the corner and hits another vehicle, pedestrian, or bike. However, bus crashes can also occur due to reckless driving (speeding) by drivers of other vehicles such as cars, SUVs, trucks, or motorcycles. 

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are most vulnerable to injury and death in accidents. Most often, pedestrian accidents happen when a person steps out onto a street, but they can also occur when a person is on a sidewalk or the side of the road. 

Uber Accidents

What happens if you’re involved in an auto accident involving a rideshare company like Uber? These types of accidents bring added layers of complexity as more parties, insurance companies, and attorneys may be involved.

Manzoor Law Firm in Roseville has a Roseville accident attorney ready for when you are in a transportation-related accident and need representation. At Manzoor Law Firm, we offer consultations to help you determine what type of custom services you need.