Legal Separation in Roseville, CA

Married couples may consider a legal separation instead of divorce for various reasons. One reason considered for legal separation instead of divorce is their religious beliefs.

Whatever the reason for the legal separation, it is critical to hire a proven separation attorney who protects your rights. So, if you live in the Sacramento, California area— you can reach out to schedule a free case evaluation with Manzoor Law Firm, a Roseville legal separation attorney.

Reasons to Consider Legal Separation

During the proceeding for a legal separation, the court considers relatable issues as it would when undergoing a divorce proceeding. Such considerations include child custody, property, child support matters, and more, except for terminating the marital status. Thus, neither spouse can remarry.

As stated, religious belief is one reason a married couple may choose legal separation. Other reasons for choosing legal separation include:

  • Residency – for not reaching the six-month residency requirement to file for divorce.
  • Financial – concerning taxes
  • Benefits – preventing possible termination of medical insurance or other benefits
  • Expediency – to have an immediate effect while waiting for a divorce to take effect.

The Roseville legal separation lawyer would also inform you that ‘both parties’ consent is a requirement for the court’s judgment of legal separation. This is unless a party hasn’t made an appearance (CA Family Code § 2345.) And under CA Family Code § 2310, the grounds to legally separate are the same as they would be for divorce.

Can it be Modified?

Yes, you can easily amend a legal separation for a divorce, financial assistance, etc. However, a heightened residency requirement for legal separation does not exist.

Other than that, either spouse may simply do legal separation paperwork refiling. Just check the ‘amended’ and ‘dissolution’ boxes if you are going through a divorce.

We Can Help You

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