April 21, 2023

California Slip and Falls Due to Failure to Maintain Property

slip and fall

Slip and fall injuries should never happen if businesses would only pay a little extra money to maintain their property. Unfortunately, they occur all the time and can be very troubling. Thankfully, the best Roseville slip and fall attorney can help you manage this common injury and get compensation.

Common Causes

Slips and falls caused by poorly maintained property are unfortunately common because not enough businesses and homeowners take the time to assess their facilities. As a result, you might slip and fall due to many different issues, including:

  • Poorly maintained floors that cause you to trip as you walk
  • Badly managed hanging elements in a building that trip a person
  • Wet floors that aren’t effectively labeled and cause a serious tripping risk
  • Leaks throughout a facility that increase a person’s risk of slipping

No matter what causes your injury, it’s important to work with the best personal injury attorney Roseville CA has to offer. The severe range of problematic injuries caused by slipping and falling can vary from minor to acute and could even affect your permanently.

Common Injuries

While slipping and falling might seem funny in the movies, it rarely is in real life. Even a minor fall can cause cuts and bruises that may get infected and affect your healthy. Even worse, more serious problems could occur that could impact your health, including:

  • Broken bones throughout the body
  • Sprained ankles or other muscles
  • Whiplash when you try to recover your balance
  • Disfiguration or scarring after getting cut
  • Permanent paralysis or a broken neck
  • Chronic pain caused by lingering injuries

These damaging injuries deserve compensation from the party that triggered your damage. For instance working with the best personal injury attorney Roseville CA has to offer can streamline this process and ensure that you get the monetary compensation that you want and deserve.


With the help of a Roseville personal injury attorney, you can prepare a compensation package that will pay for your physical and emotional suffering. This compensation is designed to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, transportation problems, and any other issue that affects you.

Don’t think that emotional suffering is an unimportant claim in a personal injury case. Recovering from a slip and fall injury can take weeks or even months and may trigger depression, anxiety, trauma, and even PTSD. You deserve compensation for any suffering caused by your slip and fall injury.

How an Attorney Can Help

A high-quality attorney is critical in personal injury cases. They’ll fight for your rights and make sure that your needs are met as much as possible. They’ll also take all the difficult steps that you don’t want to take to prepare your case and execute it. For example, they can:

  • Prepare your case by gathering evidence from eyewitnesses
  • Trying to find a settlement that covers your expenses
  • Working with the defendant to settle the case properly
  • Fighting for you if the defendant isn’t willing to settle
  • Pursuing full compensation for your injuries and suffering

Even if you’re not someone who likes to sue, you deserve compensation. Working with the best Roseville personal injury attorney can ensure that you improve your chances of getting the money that you want. Our team will fight for you and work hard to ensure that you don’t have to suffer.

Take Care of Yourself After an Injury

Do you need help from personal injury and accident attorneys in Roseville, CA, after a serious slip and fall injury? You deserve a Roseville slip and fall attorney that has your back every step of the way. At Manzoor Law Firm, Inc, we fight to ensure that our clients get the best legal support possible for your case.