March 18, 2022

How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

son crying because his parents are fighting

Divorce is an ugly thing. No one suffers more from it than the children that get caught up in it. They might not know the details, but they can sense that something is wrong. Children shouldn’t be thrown into the confusing jungle called divorce. You have to try and help them through trying times. Roseville Family Lawyer recommends that you try these tips.

What to Share – Be Honest

There are times when lies are easier than telling the truth when talking to your children. This is not one of those times. You have to sit your children down and talk to them. Try to make it just as simple as possible. You don’t need to complicate things with big words.

Where do you start when you are trying to tell your child the truth? There is making it as simple as possible. What else should you keep in mind? Do not lie to a child. You have to tell the truth. Even if it is painful, you can try and soften the blow. In other words, give your kids the truth in bite sizes.

little son suffering from parents arguments, lack of attention or divorceDo not Put On the Blame

Manzoor Law Firm Inc says the worst thing you can do is to try and make the other parent look like a monster. There are some cases where there are spouses leaving toxic relationships. At other times, there is no reason to play the blame game. Divorce attorneys in Roseville CA agree that the child’s well-being is the most important thing in a divorce case.

You may be angry when you talk about your soon-to-be-ex. That is normal. Don’t let it out when you are talking to your children. Putting the blame on the other parent is a textbook example of manipulation. Try and talk to your kids when you are much calmer. You might have to walk out of the room to collect yourself at times.

You have to act like the adults in the situation. You might need some help with how to go about this in a civil way. All the best divorce lawyers Roseville CA has to offer can help you come up with the best way to approach talking to your kids without blaming your ex.

Don’t Make Them Choose Sides

Speaking of manipulation, do not use your children as weapons to hurt your ex. Making your child choose sides is evil. You will cause long-term damage to their mental health in the long run. Ask any Roseville family law lawyer. They will tell you not to do that.

Your frustration is with your ex. Do not weaponize your children in the process. They are already going through so much with the whole ordeal. They do not need you or your ex to play head games with them. It’s just going to make you look bad as a parent and a person.

How Your Attorney Can Help

Sometimes, you might need some help. There is no shame in that. You can turn to the best divorce mediation lawyer Roseville CA has to offer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your lawyer will take the time to listen and answer you. They can help you talk to your children.

What is all of the advice and information an attorney can help you with? There are the basics in a standard divorce case. Then they can recommend some counselors to help you and your family talk through all of this. The lawyer might want a chance to talk to your children if they need to. It is okay to get help if this case is overwhelming for you.

Divorce can hurt a child. You can make this easier for them. Sit down and talk with them. Try to stay as neutral as possible. Don’t be afraid to talk to a Roseville divorce attorney if you need more help and questions answered. Your children come first in a divorce.