Most Common Types of Truck Accidents in California

truck accident in california

Most Common Types of Truck Accidents in California

Most truck accidents are caused by speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and reckless driving to fatalities or serious injuries. In 2020 alone, there were about 3,723 motor-vehicle deaths reported in California, of which the majority of the fatalities involved accidents between passenger cars with trucks. These accidents can be a nightmare to families of the victims, especially if the victims are the sole breadwinners. That is why it is recommended that the family should engage professional Roseville Personal Injury Lawyers to ensure they are compensated. 

Common types of trucks accidents in California include the following:

Fire Trucks and other Emergency Vehicles

Fire trucks and emergency vehicles can dangerous vehicles on the road. They are usually driven on any side of the road and at a very high speed using red lights and sirens that can easily confuse people crossing the road leading to fatal accidents. Even though these vehicles are granted the right to take any side of the road to ease their movements to where emergency services are needed, Roseville Accident Attorney can still establish liability to ensure the victims are compensated.


These are usually cargo trucks carrying heavy goods to different destinations. They are relatively dangerous vehicles on the roads. Most of the accidents they are involved in, especially head-on collisions with passenger vehicles, usually kill all occupants or leave them with serious injuries. Most of these accidents are caused by driver distraction, such as scrolling through mobile phones, tiredness, sleepiness, drowsiness, or taking the eye off the road trying to read a billboard advert on the roadside while the vehicle is at a relatively high speed. They can also cause serious accidents when the driver fails to allow sufficient distance to gain momentum before merging, resulting in interstate traffic at a lower speed. In this case, Roseville Personal Injury Lawyer will note the nature of the injuries you have sustained and prepare a winning case to help you get the proper compensation.

Waste Disposal Truck Vehicles

Most of these vehicles collect garbage in residential areas with numerous diversions drivers may not know. They usually work under tight schedules. If they run out of time, they tend to speed with no recognition of any car that might come out of the next diversion and cause a fatal accident as they are equally heavy, and sudden braking may be impossible. Some garbage trucks may also experience visibility issues, children or pedestrians crossing behind the truck may be run over. The Roseville Personal Injury Attorney will analyze the medical report of the victims to understand the nature of the injuries obtained and make demands to the insurer of the liable vehicle to ensure you get the best compensation.   

Tanker Trucks

These oil tankers are the most dangerous on the roads since they transport petroleum products that are highly flammable and can cause deadly fire explosions if the truck gets involved in a roll-over or collision accident. They also cause damage to the environment from the spillage. Most insurance firms reduce or don’t cover losses caused by tanker trucks, and both the truck company and the insurer can play tactics not to compensate you in case your loved one succumbed to the accident. In that case, it is important to engage a Truck Accident Attorney in Roseville CA, to prepare a lawsuit against the companies to ensure you are compensated.

Flatbed Trucks

These trucks mainly transport building materials, including metals that can hurt anyone near the vehicle if not arranged properly. Some of these materials can crash through the windscreen and injure the driver behind the truck. In that case, a professional Roseville Truck Accident Attorney from Manzoor Law Firm can argue in his lawsuit that the truck company was irresponsible by poor packing of their materials that lead to your injury and should compensate you accordingly.


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