July 15, 2022

Summer Parenting Plans

portrait of a smiling family with two children at beach in the car

Parenting is complex at the best of times. It is even more complicated when you got divorced and co-parenting. Disputes over the parenting plan are common, particularly during summer. Since kids are out of school, schedules will change to meet the needs of the children and their parents.

If you need to change your parenting plan, you will need to work with a Roseville parenting plans attorney, like Manzoor Law Firm.

Reviewing Your Current Parenting Plan

The first step in dealing with any parenting plan dispute is to review your current parenting plan. You may choose to do this with a Roseville summer parenting plans attorney to be sure that you have a good understanding of the plan.

If you wish to change the plan, it is best to modify the plan instead of changing the schedule yourself. Even if you and the other parent have a verbal agreement to make changes, you may face penalties if they change their mind and take you to court for violating the current plan.

Custody and Visitation Orders in California

Custody and visitation orders are, for each family – individualized. However, there are some things that are usually included. To a standard schedule, most parenting plans include special allowances for summer vacation holidays and other special occasions.

This allows each parent to know what to expect, and hopefully eliminates disagreements.  Both parents should follow the plan unless the plan gets modified.

Modifying the Plan

When you want to change child custody Roseville, it is best to work with a Roseville divorce lawyer. This helps ensure the best outcome, and it can reduce the stress of going through the process.

There are two ways to modify custody and visitation orders in California. The first and simplest is when both parties agree on the modification. If the parents cannot agree, the court will rule on any changes to the plan.

Circumstances that Warrant Modification

As long as the parents agree on modifications to the parenting plan, no specific circumstances needed to meet. You simply agree to these changes. However, for a plan to get modified by the court, there should be a presentation of a valid reason.

One factor that can trigger a modification is significant changes in circumstances. This can include one parent moving or getting married. A child attending summer school would also be a change in circumstances.

Essentially, any change that significantly affects the child or the parenting plan will meet this requirement. If the wishes of the child change, this can also trigger the modification.

Children 14 and older have a say in custody judgments. Their wishes are subject to consideration, along with the judge’s determination about what’s in the child’s best interest.

Modifying the Plan By Agreement

When you agree on the modification, you will need to file paperwork with the court detailing the new parenting plan. Both parents must sign the agreement. Then, a judge will review the modified plan. If the judge determines that the plan is in the best interest of the child, they will sign the revised parenting plan. It will then take effect, replacing the old plan.

Court Ordered Modifications

If you and the other parent cannot agree on the modifications to the current plan, you will need to work with a Roseville child custody attorney if you want to change your summer parenting plan.

You and your ex-spouse will need to go through the court process. This typically begins with mediation. If you still cannot reach an agreement, the issue will go before the judge. The judge will rule on the modifications, with the best interest of the child in mind.

If you need to modify your summer parenting plan, it’s a good idea to work with divorce attorneys Roseville. Before you begin the modification process, contact a Roseville parenting plans attorney at Manzoor Law Firm.  Call us today and get a free consultation about your parenting plan modifications.