March 11, 2022

Tips on Divorcing in your Later Years  

couple arguing with each other

Divorce is generally something that people in their 20’s and 30’s are engaged in, but that is not always the case. Divorce can happen to couples at any age, and it is essential to understand what one should do in the event that they find themselves in the midst of a divorce as they are in their 50’s or older. In particular, we want to review the mistakes that many people have made and how to avoid them.

Not Creating A List Of Your Assets

One of the first things that a Roseville divorce attorney will ask you to do is create a list of your assets. Your Roseville family law lawyer needs this information so they know exactly what assets they will seek to protect as you go through the divorce process. If you aren’t sure about what you own, you need to get that figured out as rapidly as possible. There is no excuse for not having an inventory of your assets ready to go for your divorce lawyers Roseville CA to review with you.

Not Knowing Your Liabilities

The other side of the coin is that you need to review your liabilities with your Roseville family lawyer. This is a comprehensive list of your debts to go over with your attorney so that the two of you can better assess your financial position as a whole. Remember, the attorney does not know where you stand financially until you sit down with them and go over every scrap of those records together. There is no point in trying to hide this information or ignore it as it is going to come out in court either way.

Forgetting About Health Insurance

Are you currently covered by your spouse’s health insurance? Many people are, and this poses a risk to their financial well-being when they are speaking with divorce attorneys in Roseville CA about their financial position after their divorce. If you forget to think about or include information about your health insurance, you are putting yourself at risk of not being insured once this divorce is finalized. The scary thing about that is that it could mean that a simple medical procedure could ultimately cause you to go into a financial spiral as you don’t have the funds to cover these costs because you no longer have health insurance. That is clearly a fate that you want to avoid at all costs.

Financially Supporting Others

This is a time when you have to buckle down and think of yourself first and foremost. You might want to help out other adults in your life get on their feet financially, but you need to cut those strings at the moment. You just don’t know where your own financial future is headed at the moment, and it can be extremely dicey to try to support other people when it is not clear where your own life is headed at this time. Thus, you need to speak with someone from the Manzoor Law Firm Inc. to see what they recommend you do.

Not Working Out Something In Mediation

Mediation is your friend when it comes to getting your divorce matters sorted out. You can make a lot of progress on coming to a solution that all sides can agree to when you use a divorce mediation lawyer Roseville CA to help sort everything out. You want to try to come to an equitable agreement between yourself and the other side before having to go all the way into a courtroom. It save time, money, and emotional struggle by doing so. You might even walk away with a better deal out of this arrangement than what you could have gotten had you taken the case all the way to court. Remember, the best thing to do is to come up with a solution that benefits yourself and your position. You don’t need to bring anyone to court out of spite.